Spiffy Icon Pack

Spiffy Icon Pack 1.3

iPhone-style icons for your Mac


  • Authentic iPhone look
  • Over 52 programs covered and counting
  • Free to use


  • Many big programs icons missing
  • No Trash Can or Finder icon

Very good

I haven't been converted to the iPhone yet because I believe there is such a thing as too much Apple in your life. And more importantly, Android has really impressed me so far.

However, if you have gone loco for all things iPhone then Spiffy Icon Pack is just what you need. Why you would want to replace Apple's lovely iTunes logo for an iPhone style I'm not sure, but it certainly gives your Dock a unique touch. Spiffy Icon Pack features 54 icons, covering a huge number of applications and programs including Adobe Dreamweaver, Excel, iChat, iDVD, iTunes and Skype to name just a few.

The icons are beautifully crafted and each is 177 KB in size with a resolution of 700×500 pixels. There's very little to complain about in Spiffy Icon Pack except the fact that it probably won't cover all of the applications installed on your Mac. For example big programs such as uTorrent and Picasa aren't available and there's no icon for the Trash Can or Finder.

However, Spiffy Icon Pack offers a superbly-crafted set of iPhone icons that any Apple fanatic is going to seriously love.

Spiffy Icon Pack


Spiffy Icon Pack 1.3

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